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Choice of Accommodation

Hikers can choose accommodation according to their preference. There are hotels, Japanese Inns (Ryokan), guest houses and campgrounds.

This website focuses on three campgrounds along the trail. For more information on lodging facilities and sightseeing around the trail, please click the “Teshikaga Navi” link at the bottom of this page.


Hotels, Japanese Inns (Ryokan) and guest houses



Dig in the sand and you will soon have your own open-air bath! RECAMP Sunayu is a campground adjacent to this fun “sunayu” (sand bath). It is located along the shore of Lake Kussharo, which is always crowded in the summer with visitors who enjoy swimming and canoeing while camping. Tent sites are sandy and grassy areas facing the lake, it promises to be a comfortable stay.

AddressBiruwa Sunayu, Teshikaga town
OpenLate April – Late November
Hours9:00 – 17:00
FacilitiesUnallocated sites, Allocated sites / two communal field kitchens / four bathrooms
PriceAdmission Fee: Adult 1,000 JPY / Child 500 JPY
Unallocated Tent Sites 500 JPY ~
Please check the online reservation site for exact rates and more details.
EHAB Outdoor Field Lakeside Wakoto

The Wakoto peninsula is located on the south shore of Lake Kussharo, and juts out into the lake. There are two campgrounds, and one located by the lake is EHAB Outdoor Field Lakeside Wakoto. The location of this campground is, without a doubt, the best! Overlooking the expansive lake, you can pitch your tent right on the edge of the water. In summer, it is crowded with regular campers and locals, some of whom stay longer to enjoy canoeing and fishing. Unallocated tent sites are available on the sandy beach and grass. There are simple log cabin-style bungalows that are popular with families. A free outdoor hot spring located about 100 meters from the campground is open for everyone but please note that it is for mixed-gender bathing.


This is a quiet campground surrounded by the forest. It is very popular as the facilities are quite new and day-camping is also available. Both the allocated and unallocated tent sites are spacious and comfortable. Next to the campground is the Wakoto Field House, which serves as a reception desk for the campground and provides easy-to-understand displays of the surrounding nature, flora and fauna. It is highly recommended to get information here and then go for a walk around the peninsula (2.4 km loop).

AddressKussharo Wakoto Hanto, Teshikaga town
OpenLate April – First Sunday of November
Hours8:00 – 17:00
FacilitiesDeck sites, Unallocated sites, Allocated sites, Day-camp sites / Communal field kitchens /
Bathrooms / Laundry facility / Showers
PriceAdmission Fee: Adult 1,000 JPY / Child 500 JPY
Unallocated sites 500 JPY ~
Please check the online reservation site for exact rates and more details.

Hotels, Japanese Inns (Ryokan) and other accommodations

There are various types of lodging facilities including hotels, Japanese inns, and guest houses along the MKT. Because of the volcanic activity in this area, hot springs have been gushing out since ancient times. Mt. Io (Atosanupuri), an active volcano, heats the groundwater and made it possible to open the Kawayu Onsen resort in 1904, where hikers can relax and get rid of fatigue by soaking in the medicinal waters of the spring.