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Section Overview

■ Section 1- Volcano Trail

Starting at Lake Mashu’s Observation Deck No. 1 (546 m), this trail descends the outer rim of the Mashu Caldera to Biruwa. After walking the forest path of the old railroad, pop into a café near the train station and enjoy watching the distant fumes rise from Mt. Io before heading to Kawayu Onsen resort. On this 20.5 km section of the trail, you can feel the earth’s terrific breath rise towards the heavens.

▶︎ Kushiro Railroad
Mt.IO (Atosa-nupuri)

■ Section 2 – Lake Trail #1

The MKT goes through the primeval woodlands of the Kussharo Caldera, as well as an old road Ainu people once used in the past. Stop at unique outdoor natural hot springs and viewpoints along the shore of the Lake Kussharo. This 22.5 km section of the trail will reveal to you the wonders and charms of the lake and give you direct access to the Ainu past.

▶︎ Nibushi Peninsula
▶︎ Ikenoyu Hot spring
▶︎ Kotan-Ikenoyu Old Road
Walk along Lake Kussharo

■ Section 3 – Lake Trail #2

Walk along Wakoto Peninsula, which juts out from Lake Kussharo’s southern coast, and then through farmland and up the wildlife-rich inner slope of the Kussharo Caldera to Bihoro Pass (525 m), which overlooks Lake Kussharo. You will witness the special harmony of human activity and nature’s sublime energy on this 19 km section of the trail.

▶︎ Bihoro Pass

Please note that a part of Section 3, between Kussharo Prince Hotel and Bihoro Pass, is not yet open. We are expecting to open that route by late 2024.

sulaWakoto Peninsula